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As the leading home and industrial spray foam insulation specialists in the Youngsville-Broussard-Lafayette area, we understand that quality insulation is crucial to the comfort of people in every building (regardless of its type), so we only install the very best items to suit your requirements.

Landon's Spray Foam Insulation is totally licensed and insured. Most importantly, we're backed by our reputation for providing best-in-industry work for many satisfied consumers.

Spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF) is the best option for residential and business installations in the state of Louisiana.

Here's why.

Seals small fractures and seams other materials cannot.
Hinders the entry of insects and bugs.
Minimizes pressure on HEATING AND COOLING systems.
Function as air, moisture, and vapor barrier -- all in one item.
Improve management over temperature of home.
Minimizes condensation and mold growth.
Long-life due to rigid structure that withstands settling.
Can certify you for energy tax credits, green certification, and utility refunds.

What is spray foam insulation?

An increasingly popular choice in the Youngsville-Broussard-Lafayette areas, spray foam insulation is a self-adhesive, rigid plastic insulation product with an extremely high R-value, which makes it an extremely excellent insulator.

It is formed by blending pressurized chemicals that are sprayed straight into location to fill exterior and interior wall cavities, attic ceiling plates, joints, and essentially every other hard-to-reach air gap that other insulation products can't.

Since spray foam insulation is a chemical mixture, it can be personalized to satisfy local code requirements for residential or commercial properties like fire retardancy, moisture resistance, and final R-value. The two major types are open-cell and closed-cell foam. Each performs best in particular applications; however, both are exceptional choices for all kinds of Louisiana weather conditions.

Why is weatherization essential?

If you had a choice, would you pay to heat your backyard? Air escaping through poorly insulated walls and ceilings or unsealed fractures can waste a staggering 40% of heating and cooling energy in houses year-round.

Youngsville-Broussard-Lafayette homeowners who select to upgrade aging property insulation with a spray foam installation can benefit from year-round energy cost savings. The EPA's Energy Star program estimates you could conserve up to 50% on your month-to-month energy expense by sealing fractures and air spaces around your house.

Even the best insulation materials are ineffective if not set up correctly. Let Landon's Heating & Air Conditioning discover and fix the hidden leakages in your house that are costing you cash every day.

Highly Versatile Application

Though spray polyurethane foams are extremely customizable, they all share one key characteristic that makes SPF the best choice for many house and company owners in Youngsville: the special ability to go essentially anywhere.

Due to the fact that it's self-adhesive and applied in a pressurized stream that expands on contact, spray-foam insulation can seal all the leaky joints, cracks, and covert air-gaps under eaves, in the attic ceiling plates, around windows, flues, and components that other insulation approaches simply can't.

Spray foam is the best choice for spots like:

In between framed studs
Attic hatches
Behind attic knee walls
Electrical wiring holes
Plumbing vents
Exterior soffits
Recessed lights, furnace flues, or around HVAC ducts
Basement rim joists, windows, and doors

Make use of the very best spray foam insulation Youngsville-Broussard-Lafayette has to offer.

Request a custom-quote from the experts at Landon's Heating & AC today!

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